What our patients say......

  • I was very happy with my treatment and experience with Dr Sohota and the staff at Bilton Dental Clinic. They were professional, helpful and I am very impressed with my new smile. I would definitely recommend them.

    J.MOctober 2017

  • My teeth were gradually getting worse as I got older, I had already investigated into braces but I am so glad I had a discussion with my dentist about Nuvola. The treatment was so straightforward and easy to follow, with no discomfort as the treatment progressed, the results were incredible and I have had so many comments on how nice and straight my teeth are, I am so happy. I would not hesitate in recommending this treatment with Bilton Dental Clinic, I was so impressed with the whole journey and support throughout my treatment, thank you so much.

    N.BFebruary 2019

  • Having struggled for many years with two unstable front teeth, unable to bite on anything confidently, these were eventually replaced with dental implants. This procedure was carried out at Bilton Dental Clinic by Mr Mahapatra, about six years ago, and was a transformation for me.

    Since then, another four teeth have been replaced with implants and all feel like normal teeth and you have the assurance knowing they will last. Mr Mahapatra carefully explained the procedure beforehand, and the treatment was excellent. I would certainly recommend implants as a long term solution to anyone with problem teeth

    MFOctober 2017

  • I had always been embarrassed about my teeth but I was petrified of dentists and had not been for over 20 years. I had teeth decaying and mis-shaped which was affecting my confidence and ultimately my career.

    I finally took the plunge and met with Mr Mahapatra and his team at Bilton, and from day one they assured me, knew how scared I was but were absolutely amazing, talking me through every step, keeping the consistency of nurse with me the whole way through to keep me calm.

    I was the patient that had to be sedated to get through the door, cried at the thought of going to the dentist- but Mr Mahapatra and his team have helped me to overcome my panics and I now have the most amazing set of teeth through a combination of implants and caps. I highly recommend this dental practice.

    KBSept/Oct 2017

  • I had a broken crown replaced at the clinic, I found the process thorough, and the result was right first time, no alterations were needed.

    I am very satisfied with the treatment . I highly recommend this dental practice.


  • I have two implants in my lower jaw, without them I would have little chewing ability. They have been very successful and comfortable from the start.


  • Having implants was without question a good decision with excellent comfortable results. I can without hesitation, recommend Mr Mahapatra and his team at Bilton Dental Clinic


  • After having my teeth whitened on 10th February, I just wanted to say a big thank you and how thrilled I am with the results. I can now smile with confidence.

    The procedure was just as you explained with no surprises involved. Many people have commented on the improvement the treatment has made and I have recommended, as I would to anyone wanting the same, to come and see you!

    Thanks again for providing me with a shiny smile!!


  • Having had a four tooth bridge for some time I knew that in the future I was going to lose the remainder of my top teeth.

    I was not happy at the thought of having a full denture to replace all those teeth. I discussed in detail with Mr Mahapatra the option of having dental implants. Having seen his plan and taken his advice, I decided to opt for four dental implants that would support all my new top teeth.

    The procedure took approximately twelve months although uncomfortable and a little sore at times, I am delighted with the result. Mr Mahapatra and his team were very professional and considerate to me as a patient.

    I finished my treatment with four crowns to my bottom teeth that were looking rather ragged and where the gums had receded. This treatment was carried out very professionally by Dr Janine Sohota.

    Overall I am delighted with my new teeth and have been told that I look like a new man

    Ian J

  • I have recently completed a treatment of a dental implant in September 2017 and would like to confirm that the service I received has been impeccable from start to finish and would recommend this service without hesitation.
    I was very worried about having this procedure as it was my front tooth that needed replacing, I felt immediately at ease and every step of the process explained to me in detail during my consultation appointment.
    All the staff involved were very professional, caring and patient, the procedure was extremely good value for money in comparison to other dentists offering a similar service.
    I am extremely pleased with the end result, my implant feels and looks just like my original tooth.

    I hope this testimonial gives you the confidence and helps you in making the big decision of having an implant fitted as I can honestly say it is the best thing I’ve ever done and the best money I’ve ever spent

    BH of Rugby

  • ‘Why did I choose to have a dental implant?
    For a number of years I had a three tooth gap that I coped with and it didn’t cause me too much difficulty. Then I had a crown fitted to the edge of this gap and this worked well for a number of years but then it fell out on several occasions. The time for decisions was upon me. This was discussed with the dentist and the options were set out. Personally I reduced any options quickly because I did not wish to have a denture of any description.
    An implant was my chosen option. The work could be completed at the surgery.
    The Process:
    The process seemed to be quite long when discussed, but was obviously necessary in reality because it allowed your mouth to settle down between the stages and avoid infection. Impressions were taken and moulds made.
    The drilling process is not too pleasant but is managed and once done it is not revisited.
    The fitting of the final bridge was accomplished.
    The Result:
    The bridge fits well and it did not take a great deal of getting used to. It does make chewing a good deal easier and more efficient. Hopefully a long term solution to an annoying gap.